Beth S. Rous

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
-- Norman Vincent Peale


Welcome to my website. As an educator, I have spent my career focused on the link between leadership and policy in the design of high-quality educational programs — a focus which has cast me in many different roles: professor, researcher, leader, program designer.

My Work

Design  Scale  Sustain

Since 1989, my work has focused on helping state and local agencies that serve vulnerable populations Design, Scale, and Sustain programs and services across a number of content areas. You can explore some of my current work on the Early Childhood Research and Development Initiative website and I maintain profiles on Academia and ResearchGate.  You can also access my CV or my ORCID profile for examples of my work.


My work has focused on content areas like: 

  • Transition and School Readiness

  • Professional Training, Coaching, Credentials, and Competencies

  • Accountability, Standards, and Assessment Systems

  • Online and Hybrid Learning

  • Team Development, Collaboration, and Leadership


How to Get In Touch

We can talk in person, by phone, or via Zoom.  You can schedule an appointment for any amount of time between 5 and 60 minutes. 


From August through May I have regular meeting hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For summer office hours (May 15 - August 14) I have meeting hours available on Tuesdays only.  

Prefer I contact you?  

Thanks! Message sent.

 You can also reach me at: 

 136C Taylor Education Building

  Lexington, KY 40506